The foundation of economic freedom

The Fundação da Liberdade Econômica (FLE) is a center for thinking, knowledge production, and leadership training based on the pillars of economic liberalism and conservative management.


Prudence, stability, moderation and caution are the principles that guide the pillar of conservatism. These are the concepts that ensure gradual and moderate change without transition or surprises. We believe in conservatism as a political thought that emphasizes the continuity and stability of institutions, opposing abrupt and revolutionary movements. We understand that adopting decisions in a well-thought-out and planned way provides the political and economic environment with solidity


In the pillar of the economy, FLE is guided by the principle of free enterprise and limitation of state power, resulting in a free and sovereign market economy. We believe that the free market makes the private sector grow and strengthens it, reducing inequalities by attracting investment, generating jobs and income, leaving the State its residual and essential role for the free development of society.

Created in 2018, FLE works on several fronts to implement liberal policies and conservative management. To this end, it invests in training programs, as a center for thinking and developing ideas. At the same time, FLE acts as a political training center aiming to empower Brazilians who identify with our ideals for political debate and dispute.

Our training is delivered through in-person lectures, a distance learning platform and our leadership and citizenship school.

FLE also produces digital content through publishing studies, as well as podcasts and videos that aid in more effectively achieving our goals. Our webinars have also become a tool to strengthen our ideas and train leaders who are engaged and aligned with our values and our mission.

Our products go further. Currently, we have observatories that have become essential for understanding Brazil and implementing our ideas through interlocutors aligned with the ideals that drive us. The economic freedom, conservatism and innovation observatories manage to provide a clearer vision of the directions and possibilities for advancing our agenda in Brazil.

Simultaneously, the mission of our virtual library is to house, in one single place, a vast collection of material on liberalism and conservatism for consultation, making works that rarely circulate naturally in the academic environment available to millions of Brazilians. By encouraging familiarity with this type of literature, we believe that we are contributing to Brazil’s democratic maturity.

The Milton Friedman Award, instituted by FLE, aims to honor those who have delivered tangible results in their fields of activity in favor of economic freedom. Thus, each year we select ten projects that have impacted life in Brazil and its citizens through the free enterprise.

On the international front, FLE works with partner entities, in tune with our ideas, certain that external dialogue is essential for constructing intelligent and democratic solutions, essential factors in guaranteeing the exercise of our fundamental freedoms and rights.